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We provide non-slip tub floor applications, and a full line of services, including stripping, etching, caulking, and travel to anywhere in the U.S.

Unlike other national companies, our tubs never peel and do NOT need to be resurfaced every two years.

Our technicians behave professionally and provide the great service and product you are looking for!

Ask us about volume and price matching.


Advanced Resurfacing Techniques is the best option for a dependable, mess free finish that is minimally disruptive to your valuable time, and we can accommodate nights and weekends for your convenience.

We understand that in today's tough economy, many people cannot afford the time and expense to replace bathtubs or counter-tops,  along with the related expenses such as tile, wallboard, drywall, priming, painting, etc.

This is why we offer an alternate solution; Resurfacing!

We can make even the worst tubs, tile, and counter-tops look new again in ONE DAY!

Our surfaces are extremely durable and do not peel or crack.

We offer a 1 year warranty; however Refinishing is a permanent solution and you can expect to get many more years of life from your refinished work!

Fiberglass Repairs

We offer fiberglass repairs on nearly any surface. Call us before replacing your tub or counter tops!

ON SITE Color Change & Color Matching 

We can match ON SITE any color you may already have, or if you are looking for a change we can also change the color completely!


Save 80% over traditional remodeling. Your empty units allow us to get the job done faster, and our savings are passed on to you. Ask about volume pricing!