About Our Company

Advanced Resurfacing Techniques was formed to offer people a real high-quality finish at an affordable price.

After years of removing other finishes that have peeled, bubbled, chipped and failed, it was apparent that the
industry was in dire need of a professional that does not cut corners and can provide a quality PERMANENT
finish at the same price.

Our finishes are cutting-edge technology, specifically formulated for tubs and countertops, and proven to be the
most durable finish in the industry. Our exclusive 4 hour dry time allows us to provide you with unmatched

By sharing with customers and co-workers, Advanced Resurfacing Techniques is committed to creating a healthy
American company without the 'squeeze til it hurts' mentality.

Our motto is "Smiles All Around!" That means You, us, our technicians, and everyone involved, creating a great
working relationship by simply giving the customers what they want! 

Why Refinish?
An average replacement cost can be well over $3000.00! When you figure the cost of tile, backer board, drywall, 
painting, labor, and a plumber - PLUS turning your house into a construction zone for two weeks or more! Who
wants that??

Our professional technicians will leave you with a beautiful permanent surface that you will enjoy for many years! 
It can be done in just a few hours from start to finish - and  NO MESS, NO DUST, NO CLEANUP!

What To Expect...
Our prep is part of what makes Advanced Resurfacing Techniques your best choice for refinishing. We remove old
caulking, meticulously clean and acid wash the surface, and create a micro-cellular bond with your tub so you can
be confident that your new finish will NOT blister or peel!

We also take great care to cover and protect your floors. We completely tent our work area while venting fumes
out of your home. We clean up on our way out, leaving your home mess and dust free!

We often caulk your tub before we go, leaving your tub ready to be used in just a few hours!

Refinishing vs ...
Gaining knowledge of the refinishing process will help you make a wise decision on selecting a refinisher. Here is
some valuable information to help you along the way.

Bathtub Refinishing, Bathtub Resurfacing, and Bathtub Re-glazing are all the same process, called by a different

Our Refinishing Process
Refinishing has come a long way from the old days of spraying epoxy or car paints on tubs.

* Epoxy is harder and more impact resistant than acrylics, but tends to yellow after 5 years.

* Acrylics are easy to work with and have a beautiful luster, but are prone to chipping.

* Baked-on finishes provide a nearly perfect surface, but it is not real porcelain, and is only as strong as the acrylic
paint it is made from - in addition to losing use of your tub for weeks, you have the added cost of hiring a plumber. 
If a repair is needed you cannot bake a touch-up.

* There are many unprofessional refinishers out there willing to take your money by spraying a topcoat over your
tub; it looks great for about a month and then peels off - leaving you with worse than you started with.

At Advanced Resurfacing Techniques we use the most durable system in the industry, starting with an industry
leading made for tubs epoxy primer coat for strength, and a shiny aliphatic acrylic urethane topcoat that bonds
micro-cellularly with the primer coat, creating a surface that we can confidently and proudly warranty for 1 year.

This, combined with immaculate prep techniques, highly trained technicians, lowest prices, and Denver's most
professional service makes Advanced Resurfacing Techniques the best choice for tub refinishing!